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The Raptor Information System (RIS) collection and bibliographic database have been transferred to The Peregrine Fund.  The RIS records are gradually being subsumed into the bibliography posted on the website of the Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN) (, just as the paper copies from the RIS are being integrated into The Peregrine Fund Research Library collections.


Currently you may continue use this RIS website to search for literature, and you may use the GRIN website ( site for additional searching.


Requests for publications may be sent to


The RIS is a computerized literature retrieval system. It focuses on raptor management, human impacts on raptors, the mitigation of adverse impacts, and basic raptor biology (with an emphasis on population dynamics and predation).


The RIS developed from a merger of two collections formerly managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Raptor Management Information System (RMIS) was developed by the late Dr. Richard Olendorff at the California State Office of BLM, with the assistance of the Edison Electric Institute. The Snake River Birds of Prey Area Literature File was developed by Karen Steenhof at the Boise District Office, BLM. Both were created in response to the land use planning, wildlife management, environmental assessment, and research needs of the Bureau of Land Management. They were transferred to the National Biological Service and later to the Biological Resources Division of the United States Geological Survey. The database has since been expanded to include all publications of the Raptor Research Foundation, an extensive reprint collection donated by Dean Amadon of the American Museum of Natural History, and reprint files used to prepare bibliographies published by the National Wildlife Federation on bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles.


The RIS and GRIN are the largest collection of literature on birds of prey, with more than 60,000 records on raptor biology and management. Staff members regularly update the files and accompanying database with recently published and/or newly acquired references on raptors. The collection includes reprints of published papers as well as a significant amount of "gray literature" in the form of popular articles, theses, dissertations, unpublished government reports, and progress reports.


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RIS is a service of the USGS, Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, Snake River Field Station.
Development of the RIS as a web-based information resource is part of the National Biological Information Infrastructure program.
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